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The wedding was Saturday. It was a small, private affair. There were about 70 guests, most of whom were family. There were a handful of close friends, and everything was perfect.

It was held in the central hall of the Laurel Ridge Country Club in Waynesville, NC. The bride was stunning. Her dress laced up the back as if she was Scarlett O’Hara, only much more beautiful and in white of course.

The dress was strapless and overlaid with lace. The train trailed about four feet behind her. She was stunning and the joy she felt as she was marrying my son shone from her face like a beacon on a dark night. It was unmistakable and no one there could see anything but hope, joy and love.

My son was handsome in his tuxedo. He was near to tears when Kristin, his bride, walked in escorted on her father’s arm. As they said their vows there were times both of them were near tears; at those moments the minister always managed to lighten the mood, bringing smiles to their faces. They thanked him for this afterward, knowing they would have been too overcome with emotion, had they begun to cry, to continue the ceremony.

The reception was nearby at the Maggie Valley Country Club. The first dances, bride and groom, bride and father, and yes, groom and mother, were wonderful. The DJ was excellent, the food delicious, everyone had a good time. I cried, a lot. I think the photographer even caught it. Darn it.

My son danced with everyone, clear down to his baby niece and equally young cousin. The day and night were amazing and I wish you all could have been there to share in it, instead of having to listen to my second-hand retelling that will never do it justice.

When the pictures are available I’ll post some here. I want to share it all with you. May you and they be marked for only good things in the coming year.

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